Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas 2015!

Christmas 2015

Christmas crept up on me a lot this year. I was quite busy with Uni through the first half of December, so it really came out of nowhere! Despite being grossly underprepared (For instance, still wrapping presents in the early hours of the morning on Christmas day!) it was pretty enjoyable. So, here are some pictures of this Christmas:

Christmas Presents
Blurred Bokeh Fairy Lights
Angel on Christmas Tree Bauble
Polaroids, Instax Shots,
Cherub Bauble
Christmas Tree
Biscuit tin
Jack Russell Terrier, Dog, JRT, Cookie the Jack Russell

(Cookie tried to steal the green popcorn that looks like sprouts!) 

And if a picture-heavy post wasn't enough for you, I filmed a little video of my Christmas day too, which you can watch below! (You'll see presents, food, the usual Christmas stuff.) 

Hope you enjoy it!

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