Monday, 13 June 2016

Summer Goals!

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It's that time of year again!

• Go to the seaside!
• Be healthier. (Which might mean digging those crisp white trainers out again.)
• Travel and explore more.
• Be more cultured. Go to the theatre more.
• Be kinder to myself.
• Read the books that've been stuck on my reading list for ages!
• Go to Bakewell and eat a Bakewell Pudding. (Because I've never been!)
• Try not to kill my three little cacti: Bill, Ben & Bob. (They're on Instagram here!)
• Assert myself more/be suitably sassy with people who are taking advantage.
• Get out there and grab some fantastic opportunities!
• Make more time to see family and friends.
• Take more photos.
• Make more videos.
• Blog more!
• Do some more baking & cooking.
• Just have more fun!

What are your goals for the summer? Let me know below!

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