Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation – Review

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Rimmel have replaced their older Stay Matte with this newer version. I was never really a fan of the previous version, because the colour range didn’t stretch to paler shades. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Stay Matte Powder though, so I thought I’d give this newer foundation a try.

One great thing about the newer version of this foundation is that it’s got a bigger colour range. I bought the foundation in 010 Light Porcelain, because my skin’s really pale.

The New Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

(I love that Rimmel is leading the way in high street beauty brands making foundations for super pale skin.)

My skin is combination: Mainly dry, but with an oily T-Zone and chin. I’m quite prone to breakouts in these areas, so I prefer foundations that let my skin breathe a bit.

I do have sensitive areas of skin too; and this foundation did affect those areas. By the time I washed it off, my skin felt quite tight and a bit sore too, which is definitely something that would deter me from wearing it often. I also have eczema on areas of my face, which are normally under control, but this foundation did dry those areas significantly enough to make them feel a little sore.

It’s a long lasting foundation; that offers really good coverage. I’m not sure whether I used a little too much, but it offered my skin medium to full coverage.

You could definitely tell that I was wearing this foundation, which probably makes it one to avoid if you’re looking for a much more natural look.

It’s a foundation that applies really easily if you’ve moisturised well. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that it’s very easy to apply too much of this foundation. If you do overdo it, it tends to look cakey.

The packaging is quite simplistic, with a white and purple colour scheme. It comes in a squeezy tube, which has the downside of being tricky to get the remnants out of.

At £5.99, this foundation is fantastic value. It’s also readily available in high street stores and supermarkets too.

I would definitely recommend this foundation to people who’ve got normal or oily skin. Those with dry and sensitive skin would probably be better off using a much more moisturising foundation, such as Rimmel Wake Me Up.

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