Katie Writes


This week’s Grazia magazine comes complete with a voucher for a free Starbucks Frappuccino.

(There’s also a really worrying article in there about the rise of size 000. (Yes, that really exists?!), but we’ll not dwell on that).

I don’t about you, but I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict. (My card’s been on Gold Level since Christmas and I seem to suffer withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have their Via daily and their Cappuccino a handful of times a week…)

The magazine has teamed up with Starbucks like they did last year; to offer a free voucher for a different Starbucks product each week for a month. I’m not sure what next week’s voucher is, but it’s only a couple more days to wait!

If you’re a fan of freebies or Starbucks drinks (or both!), then it’s probably worth taking advantage of this offer.

I always read magazines by candlelight, don’t you…?

The magazine costs £2, but that’s still a discount on the drink, which starts at around £2.75, I believe.

You’d better hurry up though, as this voucher is only valid until tomorrow! (Monday 30th June).

Thanks for reading!