Rimmel BB Cream – Review

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I’m going to have to admit that this review is going to be brutally honest. I’m not going to hold back from telling you what I really think about this product…

…I bought this a few months ago, but I’ve only used it a handful of times. I have to say that I’m not actually that impressed.

It’s the first BB Cream that I bought and consequently, the last. I think I’d rather stick to tinted moisturiser or foundation.

BB Creams seem to promise a hell of a lot. This one claims to be a ‘9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup’. For me, it was a glorified tinted moisturiser/watered-down foundation. It claims to: ‘Prime, Moisturise, Minimise Pores, Conceal, Cover, Smooth, Mattyify, Brighten and Help Protect’. That’s a lot to boast, Rimmel…

For me, it tends to look shiny on the oiler parts of my face. Having combination skin makes it difficult to find products which suit my skin perfectly, this isn’t one of them. The product also seems to cling to dryer patches of my skin, so I had to put a small amount of moisturiser on beforehand; which only made the oilier bits look even worse. I couldn’t really win.

I bought this product in Very Light. That’s because, as I’ve previously mentioned, I am ridiculously pale. It seems to match my skin’s tone perfectly to begin with, but then slowly oxidises; therefore getting darker. I was actually out of the house when I noticed my face beginning to turn orange, which was quite embarrassing, as you can imagine.

I didn’t expect a complete miracle. It’s only £6.99, so it was never going to solve all my problems.

Rimmel say that this product is specifically aimed at people who don’t wear foundation and I do so maybe I don’t like it because I’m so used to having more coverage. I knew that this wasn’t going to be as good at covering flaws as foundation, but I don’t feel that it suits my skin at all.

One really good thing about this BB Cream is that it’s SPF 25; which is great for the summer and ensuring that your face is protected from UV rays.

Rimmel’s BB Cream in ‘Very Light’

I do find that I tend to have bigger pores around my nose. This BB cream claims to reduce the appearance of pores, but failed to do that for me. If anything, it accentuated their appearance on my skin, and I was consistently checking in the mirror to ensure that they didn’t look too bad.

Rimmel also offer a Matte version of their BB cream, which I’m yet to try. However, seeing as their Stay Matte foundation dried my skin out, I’d be reluctant to try this product, despite having a sample of it.

I did pop a bit of Rimmel’s Stay Matte translucent powder on oilier areas of my skin after applying this BB Cream, but those areas did still look quite shiny.

I am really sad that my skin doesn’t really get along with this product, because I haven’t really seen any other BB Creams that cater for skin as pale as mine.

As I mentioned, I have to use moisturiser underneath this to prevent it from really drying my skin out. I did wear this product for a few hours yesterday and found that my skin felt quite dry and a little sore in places after washing this off.

I wish that I liked this product, I really do. It’s a shame, but I’ll be sticking to ELF’s Tinted Moisturiser (as featured in my May Favourites post) if I’m looking for a lighter base.

Advantages of Rimmel BB Cream:
  • Cheap
  • Good range of shades,
  • High street product – easily available,
  • Skincare qualities.
Disadvantages of Rimmel BB Cream:
  • Prone to causing shine (especially in oilier areas of skin),
  • Oxidises,
  • Potentially clings to dry patches,
  • Probable drying effect on already dry skin.

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