Accessorize Haul

Accessorize have got a big sale going on right now! Here are a selection of little bits and bobs I picked up a couple of weeks ago:

Set of three rings:

N.B. I don’t normally opt for the ‘three rings chav-esque look’…

As you can see, the three rings are a horseshoe, a love heart and a flower. They’re all gold in colour and the flower has cream detailing to the petals. I bought these rings in Medium and they seem to fit perfectly. The pack of three was half price and only cost £4. So even if you didn’t like one or even two of these rings, you could afford to buy the pack just for the ring you desire and pass the others on to other people.

Star ring:

This is the only silver coloured item of jewellery that I bought. Accessorize at Intu Derby didn’t really have a lot of silver things on offer; this being one of the few silver items included that I could actually find.

Excuse the bad nail varnish job…

Elephant Necklace:

I really love this. It’s probably not what I’d usually opt for, but I felt the urge to buy this. It cost £3.50 instead of its usual price of £7. It’s quite small and understated, but I feel that this item will go with loads of things.

Gold Butterfly Necklace:

This is really pretty. It’s quite dainty and understated, but not enough to completely fade away into the background.

I’m not really into gold coloured jewellery because I don’t feel it matches my skin tone that well, so I tend to stick to silver tones instead. However, these bargains meant that I couldn’t miss out on cheap, but pretty, jewellery – Just for the sake of them being the ‘wrong’ colour. This particular item cost £3, which I think you’ll agree is a bargain!

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