The Ark Open Day!

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Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending The Ark open day in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. If you’re not familiar with it, which I assume you’re not because it’s a hidden gem, The Ark or Ashbourne Animal Welfare is a cat and dog rehoming centre.

I’ve been to their open days on quite a few occasions, despite already having a dog, who’d probably not tolerate living with another dog or cat. (He does love cats, it’s just that they really don’t love him… He’s as mad as a hatter, you see).

This is just a lame excuse to show you a picture of my dog.

They’ve got an array of cats and dogs that are just waiting for a good home. Seriously. If you’re relatively local and you want a pet, you’ve got room and you’re responsible enough to look after them properly, pop along and see if there’s anyone who you just fall head over heels in love with.

I would quite happily take all the dogs and cats home with me. I really would, but I can’t…

…Because of this guy… (That’s his cake-envy face, by the way…)

If you’re not after a furry friend, they’ve got gorgeous jewellery on sale and cakes and pretty much else your heart could desire. Sometimes they even have kittens to ogle. Some of the animals come from bad backgrounds and have incredibly sad stories to tell, so that’s why it’s so important that they eventually end up in a loving home.

Yesterday, they even had a pair of camels. Although I seriously doubt that they’d let you take them home with you…?

Their next open day is on 7th September from 11-4. If you want to find out a little more, go to their website:Β

Why have I written this blog post? In all honesty, because they’re a local charity who need supporting and if I can’t take all the cuddly pets home with me, I might as well spread the word and help to find someone who can!

Thanks for reading!
(Yes, this was mainly just a big excuse to show you pictures of my dog…)

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The Ark Open Day!