Disappointment – Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that a couple of months ago, I reviewed Max Factor’s Whipped Cream Foundation in shade 40 Light Ivory. Which you can find, by clicking here.

I remarked upon the fact that it was a tad too dark for my very pale skin. I also remarked that it would be SO good if Max Factor created a lighter shade, and lo and behold, my prayers were soon answered.

I stumbled across a new lighter shade of this foundation on Fragrance Direct (a budget beauty and fragrance website, for those who aren’t aware); which was 30 Porcelain. You’d think though, wouldn’t you, that this would be ever so slightly lighter? However, to me, it doesn’t really appear to be.

30 Porcelain. I thought Porcelain was really white? Not… Orange?
40 Light Ivory. It doesn’t look Ivory-coloured, does it?

You’d think that Ivory and Porcelain would translate as just off-white, wouldn’t you? But a great number of cosmetics companies seem to continue churning out ’50 Shades of Orange’ under the guise of ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Ivory’.

I’m gutted. I applied it yesterday and realised quite quickly that I looked like I’d been tangoed… Just the same as with the Light Ivory. If you compare the two pots, they look like the same shade, or at least, uncannily similar.

Boots and Superdrug don’t sell the new Porcelain shade, which puzzles me. As I said before, I really like this foundation and I would seriously consider adopting it as my main foundation if Max Factor got their act together and created noticeably lighter shades.

Left: 40 Light Ivory, on the Right: 30 Porcelain.

They look so similar. I can see a slight difference in colour, but only very slight. I’d say that 40 Light Ivory looks ‘brown-er’ whereas 30 Porcelain looks a bit ‘pink-er’. Either way, they’re both too dark for my skin. The above photograph actually makes the two shades look more distinguished from each other than they do in real life.

The foundation normally retails for £9.99 and when I bought it last week, Fragrance Direct were selling it for £5.99. I really like the texture and finish of this foundation, so I thought by finding a ‘paler’ shade which might actually match my almost deathly pallor, I’d struck lucky. Perhaps not, eh?

Have you bought this foundation? Have you found the two shades to be the same? If so, drop me a comment!

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