What’s In My ‘Travel’ Makeup Bag?

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I bet that question’s been on your mind for a very long time, hasn’t it? You’re just dying to know the contents of my ‘portable’ makeup bag, aren’t you? Admit it! You are!

I’ve seen a few posts like this and I hardly ever miss the chance to jump on a bandwagon. I’m not going on holiday this year, nor have I been on holiday for ages, soooo here’s my twist: It’s the makeup bag that I carry around in my handbag all the time.* (Yeah, I’m scraping the barrel here…)

*It’s kind of a ‘What’s in my Handbag?’-type post, but without the rest of the contents of my handbag, because we’d seriously be here all day if I did that. I’m like Mary Poppins in that respect…

MOR Makeup Bag

This is a new makeup bag that I picked up a few weeks ago for £5.99 in TK Maxx. I really liked the peachy colour and the size means that I can easily fit plenty inside, but it also fits inside most of my handbags (of which there are many…)


I’m not into alternative medicine or anything like that; before the science community pick on me. This genuinely works for me. I’m a bit weird and I can’t swallow tablets at all, so when I get a headache I either have to opt for drinking something containing soluble paracetamol or use 4Head.

It contains menthol, so it feels all cool and tingly on my forehead. It genuinely works for me and I don’t know whether that’s just the placebo effect or whether it’s the ingredients, but I’d definitely recommend this if you struggle to swallow tablets!


I love this. I think I’ve mentioned it before? Or at least, I meant to. I carry Carmex with me wherever I go and I even use it as my overnight lip balm. It’s brilliant.

I cannot recommend it enough. This version of Carmex (the tube one) also looks quite shiny on your lips, so it’s a really nourishing alternative to gloss. It’s cheap and you can easily pick it up in Boots/Superdrug or supermarkets as well.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

I got this after Christmas in a reduced gift set. It normally retails for £17.50, which is a little out of my price range if I’m honest, so I jumped at the chance to get a select few Benefit goodies for a fraction of the price.

It’s a really good concealer, but I use it sparingly because I want it to last as long as possible. It’s that good and I’m too much of a cheapskate to splash out on concealer at that price on a regular basis. It is marketed as an ‘industrial strength’ concealer, which is exactly what you need on those days when you’ve not had a great deal of sleep.

When I do use it, I tend to solely cover those pesky under-eye circles with it, on top of my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. (Yeah, it takes a lot to shift my dark circles…)

There are also two different shades in this set, but I only use the lightest one… Or else I’d look a bit daft with a pale face and orange-under-eye-circles. Wouldn’t I?

Sleek Pout Polish

This is such an understated product. I got one in a beauty box a few months ago and loved the finish of the product, but wasn’t that keen on the purple-y colour, so I went and bought one in a pinkier shade.

It’s just like a lip balm, but with wonderful selection of colours available too.

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick

I went to London the day before my birthday (2nd Aug) and ended up wandering round Harrods eyeing up various pieces of makeup that are ridiculously far out of my price range. I’d normally be very reluctant to spend a whopping £15.50 on lipstick, however I thought I’d give myself a birthday treat… It is a girl’s prerogative to buy expensive makeup, after all.

I bought this in the beautiful shade Coral Bliss. I always seem to be drawn to coral lipsticks, it’s weird. Or, I’m weird… But we already knew that.

This lipstick applies with ease and stays on for ages without an additional coating product like Lipcote. It’s also moisturising and doesn’t really dry my lips out like a lot of lipsticks do, which is a huge bonus!

(I only just managed to stop myself from splashing out on some Chanel Lumiere foundation… That genuinely took ALL of my willpower.)

Lóreal Million Lashes Mascara

I have talked about this before in my May Favourites. So I’m not going to go into loads of detail, except for saying that I always like to carry mascara with me out and about, just in case my eyelashes need perking up.

Kleenex Blotting Tissues

I bought a couple of packets of these a few months ago from Home Bargains. They were only a pound, I think. These are wonderful for those days where your skin’s on the oily side or when it’s hot and your makeup looks hideously shiny, then starts sliding off. You just pat them over your face to take away the shine.

I have used a handful of various brands of blotting tissues over the years and some of them actually add powder to your face instead of zapping the oil out; like these ones do. I prefer to get rid of the oil rather than have extra product like more powder applied to my face, so that I don’t clog my pores up.

Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum

I love this. It’s not pricey at all and I always carry it with me just in case I end up with the dreaded frizz. This tiny version costs £2.19 for 10ml. Even if I use it every day, it seems to last ages. It’s definitely worth trying out and the size means it’s really easy to carry around with you.

Collection Lasting Performance Concealer

Did you read this post earlier in the week? If so, you’ll know how much I adore this concealer. I take a tatty older one (that’s pretty much run out) with me everywhere, just in case my dreaded dark circles start to show.

The mirror is Cath Kidston. Oh, and the candle is from Sainsbury’s. It was only £2.50.

I’m not a pyromaniac, honestly.

Thanks for reading!



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What’s In My ‘Travel’ Makeup Bag?