August 2014 Glossybox!

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It’s Glossybox’s third birthday this month, so to celebrate, they were giving their recipients an extra little gift. My ‘birthday bonus’ was a little Yves Rocher Nail Varnish. I bought this box with my Glossydots, which makes it even better, because all of the products were technically free!

Yves Rocher Pink Nail Varnish

This retails for £3.60. I received a beautiful pinky-coloured varnish; which is great because I tend to stick to reds/pinks regarding my nails.

I’ve not got round to using this product yet, but as you can see from this picture it’s a lovely shade; but it is rather on the tiny side – A 3ml bottle.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This product was specifically made for Audrey Hepburn, so surely it’s got to be impressive? At £38 a pop for a full sized tube, it’s very far out of my price range; but I’m delighted to give it a try…

…Having said that, I’ve not actually had a chance to try this yet because it involves: Applying it on wet hair, wrapping your hair in a towel for 10-20 minutes, then rinsing and washing your hair as normal afterwards. I’m one of those people who’s always in a rush when getting ready, so I’ve seldom got time to add an extra step to my morning routine! However, I promise that I’ll talk about it in depth once I’ve had the chance to try it!

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

This smells AMAZING. So fruity. A full-sized tube of this costs £6.95, so I’m probably going to use it as a ‘treat’ – Sticking to cheaper hand creams for daily use…* My little booklet tells me that this is readily available from Feel Unique.

The smell actually reminds me of Parma Violets. You know the random purple sweets? A bit like them.

After using this (quite sparingly) my hands feel much softer. It soaks in really quickly and there’s not a lot of residue that’s left behind – So hopefully no greasy fingerprints everywhere and things sliding out of your hands, like you get with some hand creams…
I’ve learned the hard way not to try and handwrite stuff after using hand cream. It never goes well.

The packaging’s really bright and ensures that it stands out. It reminds me of L’Occitane Rose Tenderness Shea Butter Hand Cream, but it’s about half the price! The packaging is similar in style (but not colour), the quality of the product feels just as high to me… The only thing that’s different is the aroma.

*I’m really tight with my money…

Kryolan for Glossybox – Highlighter Cashmere

I’m really getting into my highlighter at the moment, so I’m pleased to try a new one. I’ve always used liquid highlighters (like Me Me Me’s Beat the Blues, Benefit’s High Beam or ELF’s Radiance Enhancer) or powders (like Sleek’s), so I was intrigued to try a cream-based highlighter for the first time.

My initial thoughts? A little seems to go a really long way. It’s easy to apply and looks great. It’s quite a shimmery golden finish but looks subtle at the same time, which is something I always look for in a highlighter. You don’t want people guessing that you’re wearing it from ridiculously shiny cheekbones/browbones/noses etc.

This product costs £12.95 for a 4.5g pot.

Lalique L’Amour

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a cheapskate, especially when it comes to perfumes. If you receive beauty boxes yourself, you’ll be aware that you only receive small samples of perfumes. A full size bottle of this is a whopping £67, so definitely out of my price range.

It smells lovely. That’s about all I have to say about all perfumes, to be honest. I’m hardly a connoisseur.

Normally perfume samples (of which I’ve had quite a few from Glossybox over the past few months) come with an atomiser, but this is literally a tube with a removable lid, which then reveals a top with holes in it that you have to shake over yourself to get it out! So, as you can imagine, I looked like a complete idiot in order to smell impressive. (Maybe I was doing it wrong?)

It’s described as: ‘A sensuous floral fragrance, a love potion for absolute seduction’. Ooooh. So if you’re looking to seduce someone, this is the perfume to wear… Apparently.
I’ve not tried doing that myself. Nor have I attracted shedloads of men (or any men at all, actually) whilst wearing this perfume.

Essence – I Love Extreme – Crazy Volume Mascara

I’m a mascara junkie. I well and truly hold my hands up. I’m also incredibly picky when it comes to mascara, so it takes a really good product to please me.

This costs £2.79. It’s wonderfully cheap and cheery. The packaging is bright and eye-catching. You can’t miss the bright pink tube with bold black lettering across it.

I really like the brush; it’s longer than your average mascara applicator and bristles are made of plastic. One thing that I wasn’t keen on was how clumpy it can get. I really can’t bear clumpy mascara… The first time I used it, it was fine. The second time, however, it did cake my eyelashes in mascara a little too much. I had to use an old (clean) Max Factor False Lash Effect brush to try and save my eyes from looking like the legs of a fat spider. I’m undecided as to whether I’d use this mascara on a regular basis.

I’ve never tried anything from the Essence range before, but I always enjoy discovering new and cheaper brands from Glossybox.

After visiting their website, I’m reliably informed that they’re a relatively new company and my nearest Essence stocker is actually Wilkos. Seeing as they’re everywhere up and down the UK, I’m sure that this product is really easy to get your hands on! (I’ve not been to Wilkos for ages, which is probably why I’ve not seen it!)

Thanks for reading!

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