Review: ELF HD Blush

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I was so excited to try this. I’m a huge fan of ELF’s HD Powder, so I practically jumped at the chance to see what this was like.

I always wear blusher. I’ve definitely got big cheeks, so I tend to emphasise them a little more. Make the best of what you’ve got… (Even if those big cheeks are the reason that you’re still getting ID’d five years after turning 18). I bought this product in ‘Headliner’, which is the lightest HD Blush shade.

I found that you only need the tiniest amount or else you end up looking like a garden gnome/real-life elf. The irony. 

I don’t want to be mistaken for one of Santa’s little helpers (especially not in August). So I would seriously recommend using the smallest dab of this product on the apples of your cheeks; or else it just looks ridiculous.

I applied it with my fingers rather than a brush like I normally would. That’s because I use Rimmel’s Mono powder blusher daily and I didn’t want to dirty my brush with a cream blush. However, I’m sure that this would be easier to apply with a stippling brush.

The packaging states that it offers: ‘Rich pigmented colour for a soft focus effect’. I suppose that this is why I’m looking especially ‘peachy’ when I wear even a small amount of this. It’s probably fantastic to wear for having your photograph taken or starring in a video; hence the ‘HD’ part in the name. The packaging also says that you should use a ‘very small’ amount, and frankly, they’re not wrong there.

At £4.50 for 10ml, this product is good value and the fact that you only need to use it sparingly means that it will last ages. That’s great. What isn’t great is running the risk of looking ridiculous every time you dare to apply this product. I am ridiculously pale and this product really stands out on my porcelain face. If you’re darker skinned, you can probably get away with putting a bit more of this on.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes using blusher. Give it a try, as long as you don’t overdo it! You’ve been warned!

Have you used this blusher? Has it made you look like an ELF Elf?

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Review: ELF HD Blush