Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Review

Surely you’ve heard of this? I’ve been meaning to mention this in my monthly favourites for ages, but keep on forgetting! So, here is a proper post all about it…

Real Techniques are a brand that I am really beginning to love and trust. I’ve already mentioned the sponge in my June Favourites. Which, if you’ve not already read, you can find here.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this makes your foundation look amazing. Products which you’d usually apply with your fingers look ten times better when applied with this brush. According to Sam Chapman, one of those behind Real Techniques, you can use this to apply powder and blusher too.

The brush is made from synethic bristles, which are 100% cruelty-free, just in case you were worried about having animal testing on your conscience. The bristles are also firm and broad, which makes it perfect for applying both liquid and cream foundations. It seems to be really soft and gentle too, which ensures that it doesn’t aggravate any dry or sensitive skin patches.

The handle’s quite chunky so it’s relatively easy to grip; and it’s made of Aluminium, so isn’t heavy at all. Just in case you were previously struggling under the extreme weight of your old makeup brushes…

You can really buff the product into your skin without it looking ‘cakey’ by the time you’ve finished. (I don’t want the nickname ‘Cakey Katie’…) This brush is absolutely great for preventing over-application of foundation, which is so easy to do with your fingers. The finish it leaves is beautiful and this is the only foundation brush I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave streaks!

Granted, it looks quite small, but you can quickly apply product across your whole face with ease. It’s also not like traditional foundation brushes: The bristles are a rounded bundle rather than a flat bunch of lacklustre fibres.

Back in the day, before I discovered Real Techniques, I applied foundation with my fingers… A sin, I know… However, I’ve used this pretty much every day since I picked it up in July. I wash it weekly and it’s still in perfect condition. Bristles aren’t falling out (which is one of my pet hates) and it’s not deteriorating in any other way.

Brushes from the Real Techniques range are colour-coded too, which is really handy!

Gold = Base brushes.

The brush costs £9.99 in Boots, which I know is quite pricey; and that’s what initially dissuaded me from buying it, but… Once you’ve tried it, you realise it’s genuinely worth the price!


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