Behold, Ladies and Gentleman, for I am here to discuss a blusher that cost ONE POUND. Yes, really…

…Poundland have their own cosmetics range. Who knew?! Chit Chat is the seriously premium cosmetics brand from the chain where everything costs the hefty price of £1.

It’s not actually that bad. That’s a compliment. I really didn’t expect a great deal from a product that cost so little, but it’s not bad at all.

It really isn’t the most pigmented of blushers available, but for a pound, what do you expect? That does mean that you have to use a little more to get a visible effect… But again, for a pound, is that really such a terrible thing?

The shade I tried is ‘Blossom’. It’s really subtle, quite shimmery and has a bit of a highlighting effect; which is great if you’re looking for something a little less ‘matte’.

When you look at it, it’s deceptively pale. My photo definitely fails to give the paleness justice. I thought that such a light shade would struggle to stand out at all. However, as you can see from the extreme close-up*, it’s definitely visible.

Poundshops and I have a bit of a tenuous relationship because they’re brimming with bargains, which is great, except I’m a bit of a snob… But I’m definitely willing to swallow my pride if products like this are on offer. It’s honestly quite good for the price and I am considerably more impressed with it than I thought I would be.

I do believe that there are an array of different shades; so there’s plenty to cater for everyone, regardless of skin tone!

Get yourselves down to the pound shop and grab a bargain! (If you’re not a massive snob too, that is…)

*Where I appear to be pulling a weird face. I’m blaming my LED camera light; it’s way too bright to be able to pull normal faces in photographs.

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