Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

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I received this in my August Glossybox and promised to write about it properly! So here you are…

It’s worth noting, before I start rambling, that I only received a sample size tube. The full-sized tub is much bigger than the tube in my pictures!

This is a pre-conditioning treatment; so you pop it on your hair before you shampoo. It’s specifically designed for damaged hair; to rejuvenate it and give your locks more bounce and elasticity. (Hence the name…)  It’s packed full of oils, silicone and Elastin to keep your barnet in better condition.

Apparently this was made especially for Audrey Hepburn; so surely it’s good? She asked Philip Kingsley to make a product that would keep her hair looking healthy and shiny after it was coloured regularly during her film career.

This product seems to receive universal positive reviews, but you know how critical I can be… My hair did feel much softer after using it and it was definitely less frizzy; but it didn’t do much in the way of detangling – My mane can be hard to tame at the best of times, so it would literally be a miracle product if it detangled too!

As an aside, something that surprised me was that there was no scent to the product. I’m so used to haircare products having various different scents, that it was a bit weird at first… And, apparently, Elasticizer also gives your locks UV protection, which is great if you’re basking in the sun on your holidays or live in warmer climes! (Lucky you…)

It costs Β£28 for a full-size (150ml) tub, which is quite expensive, isn’t it? I’m not sure that I could justify spending that much money on a pre-conditioning treatment regularly. This was the original product of its type, but there are a range of alternatives out there; many of which are cheaper if you’re on a budget…

To apply: You wet your hair, apply evenly, work it into your hair, then cover your head with a shower cap (or cling film) and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes before washing out and washing your hair as normal.

Adding another step to your haircare routine isn’t ideal if you’re always in a morning rush like me. However, you can also use this as an overnight hair mask too. To do that: damp your hair slightly, apply a blob of Elasticizer through your hair and wash out in the morning.

It’s recommended that you use the product a minimum of once a week to give it the maximum effect. Twice a week if you’ve got processed curly or frizzy hair.

My final verdict? It’s good, but it’s pricey. I would recommend it to people who suffer from really dry and frizzy hair, but it’s definitely not a product for those on a budget.

You can buy Philip Kingsley Elasticizer from Feel Unique (for Β£27.50) by clicking here.

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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer