Twinings Sweet Green Teas!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I adore green tea and have been drinking it for the past few years; not just because I like it, but because it’s supposed to have quite a few health and skincare benefits too.

The other week I wrote about Twinings Double Mint Sensation and jovially remarked that Twinings were welcome to send me free tea to write about in the future. (Tea Fans, you can read that post here)…

…Well, Twinings happened to stumble across that post and very, very kindly sent out some samples out to me! So, today I’ll be writing about three different flavours of Twinings Sweet Green Teas!

All three of these teas were released in Feburary this year, specifically aimed at those who disliked drinking green tea purely because of the bitter taste. So if you’ve ever tried green tea before and didn’t like the bitterness, these new flavours are definitely for you!


My initial reaction upon opening the sachet was: ‘Oooh!’, because it smells AMAZING! Just like proper gingerbread.

Upon drinking, the ginger notes became quite subtle but also wonderfully sweet and spicy. I genuinely kept on sniffing the tea whilst I was drinking it – it smelled that nice – It was like the smell you get when you’ve opened the oven after baking heaps of gingerbread men!

It’s made with real ginger pieces and golden syrup flavouring… So the taste is gentle, spicy and sweet all in one. It’s lovely!

Salted Caramel*

This was a tad too sweet for me, but don’t let that put you off trying it…It’s still a lovely tea! 

It’s seriously sweet, but also with a slight salty kick to it… This is perfect for those who have a super-sweet tooth, because this tea will really satisfy that!

Caramelised Apple*

This is definitely my favourite of the three. As soon as I poured the water into my mug, the overwhelming smell of apple hit me. It reminded me so much of the gorgeous aroma of toffee apples that you get at fairs.

It tasted a little like Twinings Apple and Pear green tea (which I can sadly never find in shops anymore…) but with a lovely sweet kick to it. There’s also a trace of cinnamon; which adds a little hint of spice to the lovely apple-y notes of the tea!

As an aside, Twinings state that all three of these teas should only be brewed for a maximum of two minutes, so that the delicate flavours aren’t lost… (That’s after you spend ages smelling the teabags like I did, because they smell so nice and I’m a bit odd).

You can buy these teas for £2.49 a box, or if you want to try before you buy a full box, you can purchase an individual envelope of the tea for the mere price of 25p… Which is frankly a bargain!

So if you fancy giving any of these tasty teas a try, you can buy them directly from Twinings Online Shop by clicking here. Go on, you know you want to!

Teeny Disclaimer: Although these samples have been provided free of charge, this review remains subjective and any views expressed are entirely my own. See more in my disclaimer.


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