Boots Essentials Cucumber Toner

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Here’s a teeny review of this ridiculously understated toner:

This is one of those little staple products, which sits there on the shelves on Boots, barely noticed by shoppers; who are more interested in those expensive products that shout about what they have to offer. This doesn’t shout out, this doesn’t boast about a load of unintelligible science-y stuff and it most certainly doesn’t cost the earth.

From a personal viewpoint, it reminds me so much of my childhood, because my Mum used the cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the range when I was little and she used to let me cleanse, tone and moisturise my face at the same time! Ahh, memories…

Anyway… It’s quite refreshing! The cucumber scent definitely cools and tones your skin. It gets rid of excess oil and cleanser that you’ve left behind and ensures that any bits of makeup that you’ve missed with your cleanser are gone.

A bottle contains 150ml, which isn’t loads, but for such a low price you really can’t complain.

It’s gentle and Boots states that it’s suitable for all skin types. Even though I have combination skin, with sensitive patches and eczema, this fantastic toner doesn’t aggravate any of that. Good, eh?

This brilliant, but understated, toner costs the reasonable price of £1.50. If you’re tempted, you can buy it from Boots by clicking here.

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Boots Essentials Cucumber Toner