Wilko 50p Powder Brush

Posted on 1 min read

A 50p brush can only be described as a bargain, but will such a cheap product live up to my exceptionally high standards?

In a nutshell, unfortunately not. This brush cost so little that I honestly didn’t expect the world from it. Although, I did kind of expect to be able to use it for a while before it fell to pieces. Sadly, it fell apart as soon as I started using it.

When applying powder with this brush, several bristles fell out and got stuck to my face. Not ideal, eh? After pausing, I tried to pull any loose ones out so that they wouldn’t stick to my face too… That’s when a clump of bristles came out in my hand. So I put it down and swapped it for an ELF Brush instead…

I’m not sure I dare use it again. Mainly for fear of people thinking that I’ve got a hairy face.

If this review hasn’t put you off and you still fancy buying this brush, you can pick it up in your local Wilkos for a mere 50p. 
(The only brushes they have on their website are paint brushes or toilet brushes…Which are utterly useless for applying powder with. Trust me.)

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Wilko 50p Powder Brush