‘It’s like applying foundation with a hedgehog’

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Odd title for a post, isn’t it? Although it’s one phrase that I honestly uttered when I applied my foundation yesterday with my beloved Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

Now, I was becoming quite a fan of Real Techniques by the Chapman sisters, after buying this and the Miracle Complexion Sponge. I actually wrote a positive review of this brush a couple of months ago, which you can read by clicking here.

Not long after I wrote that, however, I started to experience problems with the brush. The bristles seem hard on one side and a bit ‘matted’. It seems to scratch my face so badly, which is sensitive enough at the best of times. I’ve washed it countless times, used gentle shampoos, soaps and even conditioner, soaked it, let it dry naturally, dried it with my hairdryer… Just basically tried all I can think of to make it usable again, but everything I’ve tried has sadly been in vain.

It does feel so frustrating to know that I spent around £10 on a brush that was only usable for a matter of weeks. I’ve tried to look after it as best as I could, but it’s obviously not really worked.

This brush is made from synthetic fibres and it’s for applying foundation, powder and even blusher with. The fact that it’s multi-use was one of the aspects that attracted me to it in the first place.

I’m honestly so disappointed, especially because it was such a great brush to begin with. I’ve Googled the problem and haven’t managed to find anyone else who’s also encountered this. I could just buy a new one, couldn’t I? But that seems like a waste of money.

Have you had this problem with your makeup brushes? If so, comment below and tell me!

Wilko 50p Powder Brush
‘It’s like applying foundation with a hedgehog’