Vaseline Cocoa Butter

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Vaseline is one of those skincare stalwarts, isn’t it? It’s been around for ages.

This little tin is your normal vaseline; with the added flavour of cocoa butter for a bit of excitement. It tastes gorgeous, but it’s not the most moisturising of lip balms available, for me anyway. Having said that, it’s a nice little tin to keep in your makeup bag.

If you don’t want to use it as a lip balm, there are myriad other uses for it. You can use it as: a soothing foot treatment, a general moisturiser, to stop your nail polish running over the edges of your nails and to soothe your nose when you’ve got a cold… The possibilities are endless!

Do you remember in Of Mice and Men, that Curley always kept his hand in a glove full of Vaseline? Well, I’m sure he would’ve liked this new version for a bit of variety. Or rather, his wife would’ve liked it… If Lenny hadn’t killed her. (If you’ve not read Of Mice and Men, you should just disregard this whole paragraph… Because I’m rambling)

The 20g tin was a pound in Poundland (obviously…) but other retailers like Boots are selling for £2.18. So, it’s time to swallow your pride and get yourselves down the pound shop for this little bargain.

You can buy this from Boots by clicking here or get your bum down to Poundland instead, where you can get it for less than half the price!

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