Lee Stafford Sprays

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Whatever you say about Lee Stafford, you know he loves his Caps lock.

Yes, he may be inconsistent with his capitals, which grates on me a little, but these hair sprays aren’t bad.

(These are the travel size ones, because they’re cheaper and I’m tight.)

Shine Head is a shine spray, which is supposed to make your locks glisten and Dehumidifier spray is supposed to help your hair to stay straight whilst also keeping frizz at bay.

With both these sprays, it’s very hard to get the balance between using the right amount and using too much; which is enough to make your hair greasy in an instant. They are quite good, except for the whole ‘potential greasy hair thing’. I normally save them for those days where my hair’s looking very lacklustre or if it’s chucking it down outside.

(If you do get it wrong and overdo it, a little spritz of dry shampoo seems to do the trick.)

The full sized tins of these products cost £5.99 each from Boots, which you can buy here: Shine Head & Dehumidifier.

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Lee Stafford Sprays