Anatomicals – Spray Misty For Me

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Who wants a nice smelling face? Meeeeee.

This is one of those products that’s a wonderful little treat. It’s not really a necessity, but I adore Anatomicals, with their funny product names and packaging filled with jokes. The products themselves are lovely too, obviously.

Clint Eastwood’s on the back of the bottle, for some reason… Which reads:

‘Not Clint (as in Eastwood), more mint (as in peppermint) and a long list of other co-starring ingredients such as rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel to leave your skin refreshed and radiant. You could say it’s the spray that makes your day.’

You can use this as a setting spray, like I do. It can also be used to calm irritated skin down during the day or you can even use it to calm your nerves! (The lavender is supposed to have a calming effect…)

When applying it, you can spray it directly to your face, like me, or you can spray it onto a cotton wool pad and then wipe it gently over your face. It’s designed for dry/sensitive and normal skin; so it’s probably a bit too rich for those with oilier skin.

I bought this months ago from ASOS for about Β£6, but they don’t stock Spray Misty for Me on their website at the moment. The only place that I’ve found it online is Amazon, and it’s a little more pricey than it used to be…

…A bottle of this currently costs Β£7.10 from Amazon, which you can buy by clicking here.

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Anatomicals – Spray Misty For Me