It’s Christmaaaaassssss!

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Pandas are festive, right?

Above are a selection of pictures from Christmas, if you hadn’t already guessed.
(I’m now taking over-sharing to the max…)

Christmas Day this year consisted of: pandas, presents and a bit of turkey too. Just as an aside, I didn’t get the dog drunk… I selflessly drank the wine instead to save him from any potential drunken canine capers. I couldn’t finish that massive plate of Christmas dinner either, despite the fact that there’s every excuse stuff your face at this time of year!

Boxing Day was full of snow! (Proper snow from the sky!) And although it looked pretty; it was a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. Seriously: People falling, cars skidding and getting stuck in town at night in the snow is not fun. But I’m home now, sat in front of the fire, so all’s good.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

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It’s Christmaaaaassssss!