The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanser

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Guarantee you’ll be addicted to the smell of this.

It’s that time of year when there’s so much going round, it’s essential to protect yourself. This is a lovely hand sanitiser from The Body Shop to do just that!

The smell is so strong but wonderful; that you’ll probably want to guzzle an entire punnet of strawberries… or you’ll get Wimbledon flashbacks.

There’s no stickiness and it dries really quickly. This gel isn’t too drying either, so if you suffer from dry skin or dermatitis, it shouldn’t aggravate it.

It contains no triclosan, which I had to Google. Apparently it’s a controversial antibacterial agent which causes liver cancer in mice. So it’s good news for humans, because it could do the same to us over time. Thanks Body Shop for not putting potentially carcinogenic ingredients into your products. Much appreciated.

I’m a bit of a mysophobe, so I know my hand sanitisers. (Saddo.) This won’t necessarily protect you against all germs, but it smells so nice! While we’re on the negatives, it’s not the cheapest of hand gels out there, but I think the main attraction to it is the strawberry scent.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not keen on strong fruity scents, or if you’re looking for something to give you a high level of protection against bacteria. If you do buy it, I’m warning you now, you might end up licking or eating your own hands…


You can buy it online for £2.50 by clicking here, or pop into your local store and buy it for £3.

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The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanser