Snow Way!

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Excuse the poor pun that forms the title of this post.


If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll already know that I had a lot of trouble wading through the snow on Boxing Day. This post is not about beauty, but a bit of a rant instead. Sorry in advance.

Derbyshire County Council conveniently ‘forgot’ to grit the roads. They say they did grit; but it’s quite evident to pretty much everyone that there was no grit on the roads. We got stuck on one of the main roads out of Belper Town Centre. (The centre is at the bottom of a big hill, so it’s essential that the routes leading out are clear.)

It was absolute mayhem trying to get up the roads back home. People were struggling to get up and then just abandoning their cars at skewed angles far away from the kerb. People were pushing their way down when cars were struggling up, causing them to stop and lose their momentum. People were falling over on pavements.

It’s scary. Walkers and residents of the area stood by and watched cars struggling up the hill. Not helping, instead just gawping at the spinning tyres and choosing to do naff all. (Thanks for that.) I’m really disappointed at the lack of community spirit to be honest. Some even stood in the road to get a good look at cars attempting to climb the snowy hill. Clever.

All in all, a journey that should take ten minutes and be stress-free, took an hour and was one of the most stressful car journeys of my life. I know you’re not supposed to leave the house unless it’s absolutely essential, but this journey couldn’t have been avoided. An entire county shouldn’t grind to a halt because the gritters haven’t bothered coming round.*

*I’ve just been to take my dog for a walk (It’s Saturday night now) and the Council claim that main routes have been gritted. They’ve not, however, as there’s no grit on the road and black ice is forming. Pretty dangerous.

It might look pretty, but you know you’re a proper adult when you realise that snow is a bit of a hindrance. (I feel so old. *Sob*.)

Please, please take care out there if you have to venture out into those treacherous conditions.

It’s Christmaaaaassssss!
Snow Way!