Foundation Friday: Max Factor Lasting Performance

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Formerly my favourite foundation.

Every Friday in January will be Foundation Friday on Katie Writes. (How exciting!) So, I’m going to kick things off with a review of one of Max Factor’s foundation stalwarts.

I use the palest colour, 100 Fair, which as you can see, is still way too dark for my deathly pallor. It’s got quite a red undertone to it too (which you can’t really see in the photos), so it’s great if you’ve got a yellow-ish tone of skin.

I used to use this every day religiously for years. In fact, I only really stopped using it regularly last year. The reason why I stopped using it regularly? Because I finally realised it was too dark for me. In fact, I kind of knew all along, it’s just I’d never stumbled across a paler foundation that I liked as much; so I lived for ages in ‘orange-face denial’.

It gives quite a matte finish, but I’d definitely recommend that you keep some blotting papers handy if you’re out of the house all day, just in case. It can get a little shiny in places after a few hours of wear.

The coverage is medium to heavy, depending on how much you apply. I normally apply this with my fingers as opposed to a brush or sponge, I find it tends to look better that way. As for its name ‘Lasting Performance’, it does last a good few hours, but you will need to touch it up if you’re planning on wearing it well into the evening.

I’ve read elsewhere that it’s a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, but I’ve never tried that before, so unfortunately I can’t draw a comparison there!

Price-wise, it’s not the cheapest high street foundation but it’s not really expensive either. This retails for £9.99, but I’ve often found it in discount stores or on markets for £7.99!

All in all, it’s a good foundation, but it’s definitely not made for really pale people!

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Foundation Friday: Max Factor Lasting Performance