The Week in Review!

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A very car orientated week!

Here’s my week in review! (Not that you’re interested…)

Firstly, I started doing #100HappyDays this week. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s basically a social media declaration of what makes you happy every day for 100 consecutive days.

(For the more cynical of you, it’s relentless social media bragging about how amazing your life is…)

If you’re interested, head over to my Instagram page to see what’s been making me happy!

We also said goodbye to Colin the Corsa this week! He was my first car, so it was oddly emotional and I couldn’t quite understand how I could get so sentimental over what’s basically a big chunk of metal. I’ve seen him for sale on Autotrader though, so at least he’s going to a new home instead of being stripped for parts. We also said ‘Hi!’ to Pedro! (Yeah, that’s genuinely his name.) Why are all the cars in my life ‘male’?!

I went up to Leicester to get my phone fixed after months of it acting up and falling to pieces. Thankfully it’s as good as new now! And the best thing is, Apple fixed it for free! While I was waiting, I nipped into Accessorize to get some sale jewellery (which I’ll be writing about soon!) and I treated myself to another MAC lipstick from Debenhams.

And, it snowed, AGAIN, but thankfully it didn’t cause nearly as much trouble as last time.

I also discovered that my car’s windscreen is broken; there’s a growing crack in it, so that’s less money to go towards my MAC Lipstick fund… Because windscreens are quite expensive! Clive the Corsa has cost a ridiculous amount of money to fix recently, so I’ve been looking at new cars this week. Weighing up the cost of a new car vs. the cost of constantly fixing Clive is tricky. I don’t know if I can say goodbye to two cars in such a short space of time either!


If you didn’t fall asleep while reading the above, well done!

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The Week in Review!