Getting Back Into The Swing of Things…

Yeah, I burned the heart cake around the edges… Nobody’s perfect.

Hello! It’s me again. I’ve been away for an embarrassingly long time, for which, I can only apologise. I do have a proper excuse, mind.

My mum’s been a bit poorly, and she’s been in hospital, so I’ve been way too busy worrying and fretting to write any posts. Thankfully she’s okay now though, and I can honestly say that it’s lovely to have her back at home.

So, I’ve not really got an update to give you of what I’ve been up to while I was away from my blog, because it just consisted of being anxious and doing some anxious baking to try and take my mind off worrying…

I’ve not even kept up with my #100HappyDays pictures, ashamedly. I haven’t forgotten though and I’ve not given up, so if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve already re-started doing it! It’s just with my Mum being ill, I didn’t feel that I’d got a great deal to be happy about…

With regards to my blog, hopefully there’ll be plenty more posts coming your way soon!

So, here’s to getting things back on track!


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