February: In a Nutshell

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Any excuse to show you a picture of my dog.

As you know, my Mutti’s been poorly, so I’ve not really had the most exciting of months, but I’ll ramble on anyway…

Lumie Light

Who knew you could get so excited about an alarm clock?! I got this the other week and I have been so happy with it (so I should be for the price…) Basically, it’s an alarm clock with a light on it. The light gradually gets darker before bedtime; to trick your mind into thinking it’s sunset and therefore time to sleep. In the morning, it gradually gets lighter for half an hour before the alarm goes off, to simulate sunrise, and gently wakes you up. The alarm klaxon is pretty shocking though.

This is the only alarm clock that’s woken me almost every day since I got it. I’m such a heavy sleeper that I have to have about 16 alarms set (no joke) but now I only need one with this! Very pleased!


I’ve been baking a bit more recently, and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve not burned the house down… Yet. I’m starting to find it quite a cathartic exercise and I’m whisking by hand, so expect me to have guns of steel soon.


La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Now, I was a little mean when I wrote a review on this last year, which you can read here. However, this has been my go-to moisturiser for the past few weeks.

My skin has been dire recently. Even though I’ve been drinking loads of green tea and two litres of water a day; and eating relatively healthily too, my face keeps on erupting in these gigantic, painful zits. This is the moisturiser than I’ve been using to try and stabilise my volatile skin. It’s kind of keeping them at bay a bit; better than any other moisturiser I own.

Foodie Friday

Yeah, I know I promised that I’d write a new blog post every Friday this month containing a new recipe; but I’ve obviously not been blogging for much of February. Sorry. Maybe we’ll have Foodie Friday in March instead? We’ll see. I’ve ‘mastered’ baking, but it depends on whether I can cook anything without burning the house down…


When times get tougher, it makes you realise that all the little things that you spend loads of time worrying about are actually quite insignificant. This month has been the month that I’ve decided certain people aren’t worth chasing, they’re not worrying about and they’re not worth the time of day.

Without sounding too hedonistic, I’ve realised that it’s better to focus on the people that make you happy, rather than the ones who don’t.

(I’m going to shut up before this post gets too deep.)

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things…
February: In a Nutshell