Mani Monday: Essie – Back in the Limo

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This is such a pretty pink/nude shade from Essie, which I recently picked up for a bargain price.

With such pale skin, it doesn’t really show up that well on my nails; but this is probably a brilliant shade for people who are a bit more tanned than me! This colour is part of the 2014 Winter Collection. Essie describe it as ‘Sheer ripe melon’.

In the picture, I have: a base coat, two coats of Back in the Limo and a top coat as well. It did seem to take a fairly long time to dry on my nails, which is one reason why it looks so messy (the other being that I’m awful at painting my nails)… As mentioned, it doesn’t show up too well for me either, even with two coats.

Essie Nail Polishes are a rare treat for me, as I’m not keen on spending £7.99 each time. However, I’ve discovered that Fragrance Direct are selling a selection of Essie shades for a mere £2.49… Which is a huge saving; for a cheapskate like me! (You can browse Essie products at Fragrance Direct by clicking here.)

What’s your favourite Essie colour? Comment below and tell me!

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Mani Monday: Essie – Back in the Limo