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Lunch with friends...

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Friends. Food. Cappuccino.

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Earlier this week I met up with Laura-May and Carole, a couple of friends who I went to Uni with. They came to visit me in my hometown and we went for lunch at Fresh Ground, one of my favourite local cafes.

If you’re not local to Derbyshire (and let’s face it, you’re probably not) Belper has been gaining quite a reputation for an array of posh cafes. (Instead of back in the day, when it was aptly named Brown Town – Not because I live there… But because of an abundance of heroin addicts…)

Pictured is a tuna panini with a side of salad and crinkly crisps; and a cappuccino to drink because caffeine is my only addiction. (Not heroin.)

Not only is it fantastic value, it cost me £8.55 for my food and two drinks, but the ladies who work there are lovely too. I also had to leave a fair bit of my meal because the portions are so generous!

If you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend this place for a spot of lunch!

Note: This post isn’t sponsored! I just really like this cafe!

LITTLE UPDATE FROM 2018: If you were hoping to visit this cafe – Sadly, Fresh Ground closed in 2017. 

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Fresh Ground, Belper