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This Week: Procrastination, Caffeine & Shopping!


I feel a bit guilty having neglected my blog for most of this week! Apologies, but you’ll understand why if you read on…

I’m becoming an expert procrastinator at the moment. I’m long overdue for submitting my Masters application, but never seem to be happy enough with my personal statement. I’m seriously going to have to bite the bullet and just send it as it is very soon, otherwise I’ll miss out. The stress.

Most of this week has consisted of faffing about with said personal statement, stressing out, sleeping very badly, relying on caffeine as a crutch to get me through the day and then napping in the least comfortable places possible. It’s all rock n’ roll for me… Seeing as I’m still doing the #100HappyDays challenge, I thought I’d show you some of the photos that I’ve taken over the past few days!

On Wednesday, I ventured out to Derby to do some shopping. I spent ages in Boots ogling the makeup, as per usual, and nipped to Topshop too. And then, obviously, straight to Starbucks to satisfy the caffeine craving. Those of you who read my blog regularly, or follow me on Instagram, will know of my Starbucks addiction. I don’t think I can walk past one without venturing in; in search of a caffeine fix.


We got stuck in a horrid traffic jam on the way out of Derby, and I took this photo of a church that’s just there. It’s amazing that stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily pay much attention to jump out at you when you’re crawling along at walking pace. Looks quite pretty, doesn’t it?


I have been working behind the scenes on my blog, rest assured. I took this photo on Friday when I gained a little furry helper whilst taking photos of the latest Glossybox. (A review’ll be up soon!) My dog, Cookie, seems to be creeping into a lot of my blog photos lately. He’s obviously really interested.


Saturday included yet more procrastination, in the form of digging some old photos out. Some of my favourites are on the photo below; (Including a friend and I at our graduation ceremony, Carsington Water and Cookie posing yet again.)

And then I spent my Saturday night looking for pretty fonts. Yes, really… I know how to party!


Even writing this blog post was a form of procrastination… Whoops.