Mani Monday: Topshop Daydream

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‘Come on Barbie, let’s go party.’

I’m really happy with how long-lasting this is. Despite the fact that I’m terrible at painting my nails neatly, it doesn’t chip or smudge easily. The colour is so bright even with one coat, never mind two! (Pictured is just one coat.) It’s quite a ‘Barbie pink’, but with spring and summer approaching, this colour is perfect! Yes, it’s quite bright and girly, so won’t be for everyone, but you definitely can’t miss it!

At £5, it’s quite a bargain! I also really love the design of the packaging, with the polkadots and skinny font. I can’t currently find this shade on Topshop’s website, but if you fancy trying it too, I’ve found a similar shade called Pink Cadillac.

Are you a Topshop Nail Polish fan? What should I try next? Comment below and tell me!

Wow, this is my 100th blog post!

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Mani Monday: Topshop Daydream