Mani Monday: B. Quick Cosmical

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A bit of sparkle.

I received this in my Glossybox months and months ago, but haven’t really used it until now. This is shade 157 – Cosmical, which isn’t normally a colour that I’d generally opt for. However, I actually really like it! In the bottle it looks really gold, but once applied, it’s slightly paler and looks a little silver in certain lights.

It is very quick drying. I’d estimate that it dried within about a minute. And the fantastic thing is; you only need one coat! If you’re terrible at painting your nails, like me, this is a good nail varnish to try. It actually looks relatively neat once applied and it’s quite hard to mess it up!

This polish retails for £4.99; which isn’t bad for saying it only needs one coat and is so quick-drying. Unfortunately, I can’t find this particular shade online, but there are a few others in the range available from Superdrug by clicking here.

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Mani Monday: B. Quick Cosmical