This Week: Food. Lots of Food.


Oversharing and overeating.

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that I’m struggling to get my Masters application to a point where I’m happy with it. Turns out, ex-lecturers are pretty difficult to track down for references too!

At the rate that I’m going, I may never actually get my application finished, but on Monday, I thought I’d better start swotting up anyway. Hence all the books.

I also found the notepad I used whilst I was on work experience with the BBC last year. Most of the notes above (if you can even see them) were taken when I was answering phone calls from the public and passing them onto the relevant producers. The rest were from writing cues for presenters; which is basically writing down what they have to say. (I still can’t quite believe they trusted me to do that!)

Again, whilst taking photos for my blog; on Tuesday, this guy stuck his nose under the lens to get some attention. Such a poser.


On Thursday, we treated ourselves to some lovely fish and chips from King Street Fish Bar.


Just look at them!! That is a small portion (Yes, really!) Needless to say, I couldn’t eat all of it.


And on Friday, I ended up venturing out for a meal with my parents at ASK Italian in Derby (which I’ll be writing about soon). I used to go there quite regularly, but haven’t been for ages! We tried to take a selfie, but it kind of went wrong…


It’s totally worth going just for the wonderful honeycomb cheesecake.

Are you feeling hungry now?

Another thing… I feel the need to vent about this. Very sadly, last night, a 16 year old boy was accidentally hit by a train in my hometown. Unfortunately, some felt the need to write on Twitter about how this inconvenienced them, rather than expressing their sadness or sending condolences. This really annoyed me, because there’s honestly no need to be that selfish. People like that make me feel misanthropic and disappointed in humankind.

So, seeing as some people can’t be decent, I’ll say this: My thoughts are with that boy’s family, the train driver and the emergency services too. It’s awful and terribly sad.


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