Glossybox Iconic Hollywood Edition!

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First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how pretty this box is?! Look at it!

Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss

I’m really pretty happy with receiving this! It’s a lovely bright red shade, with the slightest hint of orange. I would honestly expect it to cost more than £10! On its own, it leaves a matte finish, but adding a slather of lip balm will give it a bit of shine.

Astral Original

I’ve never really tried Astral before, even though it’s a really cheap skincare brand that’s stood the test of time… I’ve just never really been drawn to it.

However, after trying this, I’m pleasantly surprised at how light it actually feels on my skin. I expected it to feel quite thick, greasy and heavy; but it really wasn’t.

One downside is that the scent is quite ‘soapy’ and fairly strong, so it’s probably not best for those who have particularly sensitive skin. Although, I would say it’s an absolute bargain at £3.89!

(Apparently, you can use it to remove your makeup as well, so it’s a handy dual-use product!)

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen

I’m pretty sure that Glossybox sent me a POP eyeliner a few months back, which was really good for the price. This eyeliner is great as it has a pencil at one end and a smudger at the other; to give a lovely smokey eye look. The shade is ‘Sooty Black’, which reminds me of Sooty the puppet from back in the day… Remember him? It’s also only £6.50, which certainly isn’t going to break the bank!

Color Club Barely There Nail Polish

I really like this nude shade that they’ve sent, and it’s totally on trend too. It’s kind of a ‘cappuccino’ colour. From the quality of the packaging, you’d never guess that it retails for just £4.10! Although I haven’t tried this yet, expect to see it popping up in a Mani Monday post soon!

Nougat London Soothing Bath Pearls

Ahhh these smell gorgeous! The first thing that hit me when I opened this Glossybox was the scent emanating from these bath pearls. I can’t wait to try them!

The Glossybox card reliably informs me that these pearls leave a ‘very subtle shimmer which stays on the skin, creating a limb-lengthening sheen’. Sounds impressive. The card also says that you’re supposed to use a large tablespoon full of the pearls and add them to your warm bath. At £6 for 25ml, these will make such a lovely pampering treat!

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Glossybox Iconic Hollywood Edition!