April Non-Beauty Favourites!

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Pukka Three Mint Tea

If you regularly read my blog, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of herbal teas. This is one I recently picked up by chance in Sainsbury’s. It contains three different types of mint: Peppermint, Spearmint and field mint. One of the reasons that I was drawn to it is because the packaging is so pretty! When you open the box, there’s a lovely design inside too! I’ll be honest, I can’t remember how much it was, but I don’t think it was too pricey. It’s definitely worth a try if you want a seriously minty kick to your tea!

The Little Book of Mindfulness

I’ve been getting quite stressed of late, and this book is great for making me take stock and realise that things aren’t quite as bad as they might seem. It’s packed full of poignant quotes; as well as breathing and cognitive exercises to help you to be a little more mindful. (Yes, it’s technically a self-help book, but let’s not get too bogged down in all that…)

It’s a really lovely book to read before bed, as I find that it helps to calm my mind down a little and helps me to wind down more easily. You can buy it for a mere £4.79 from Amazon by clicking here.

Mango Handbag

My mum very kindly bought me the handbag that I’ve been eyeing up on ASOS for quite a while. It was supposed to be £24.99, but was reduced to £14.99 and then £10.50! Look how pretty it is!

Google Chromebook

I know I’ve already mentioned this here, but I’m really happy with my new Google Chromebook from Acer! The startup is immensely fast and, handily, everything is saved onto Google Drive, so that you can access your documents and photos really easily from any other device.

The size is perfect. It could easily fit in some of my bigger handbags, so makes travelling and working away quite easy. The best thing, however, is that it cost less than £200!


This is a flip clock background that I’ve downloaded onto my Mac. I’ve seen quite a few YouTubers with these in the background of their videos. After a bit of searching, I discovered that the one they use is a free background called Fliqlo. You can also download it for Windows too!


You can download it (for free!) from the website by clicking here.

Father Ted

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Irish comedy this April and More4 were showing back-to-back episodes, followed by the documentary Small, Far Away. I have to admit that it’s one of my favourite comedies.

Here’s a clip from probably my favourite episode of all time:

‘Take this lump of sugar baby, you know you want it.’

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