Carsington, Again.

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Excuse the picture-heavy post, but I felt like showing off a few photos that I took last night at Carsington Water.

Do you remember when I visited a few weeks ago and made that video? Well, I thought I’d nip back and take a few photos in what’s dubbed the ‘golden hour’. The hour after sunrise and before sunset where the sun is lower in the sky, creating fantastic conditions for artsy photography.

Whilst there, I discovered that I’m a dab hand at scaring geese away. Who knew? They kept on quietly honking at me as they walked away en masse. In the end, I looked like some weird camera-wielding goose herder. I also very nearly stepped in goose poo on several occasions, which is pretty gross. Although, unlike last time, I didn’t get any swans trying to pick a fight with me, thankfully.

I love the fact that Carsington is close to home and that it’s just so stunning. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of wandering around there with my camera. (Even though the geese might have already tired of me.)

Carsington, Again.