Mani Monday: Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit

Nailed it with this bargain.

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Mani Monday is back after a few weeks away! With one of those Essie polishes that I got at a seriously discounted price online. (£2.49 instead of £7.99!) It’s part of the Winter 2014 collection, which is probably why it was discounted, but I’m happy to pay so little for a slightly ‘outdated’ polish.

I love this dark red shade because I think it suits even my deathly pallor. It’s such a versatile shade, it’ll suit most skin tones. I know it’s a tad dark to be a ‘summer shade’ but it’s a great staple red to wear whenever you want.

As with Essie polishes, the quality is high and the chipping is minimal. Pictured is just the one coat, as I was in a rush when doing my nails, but the coverage is still fantastic. Brace yourselves, here comes the catchphrase: As you can see, I’m terrible at painting my nails, but even I found it quite hard to mess up with this polish.

Do you mind if I don’t ‘Jump in your Jumpsuit’ though, Essie? I look silly wearing jumpsuits.

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Mani Monday: Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit