How To Make Your Own Lemonade

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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Even though the weather’s pretty dire, it’s now summer, allegedly. And nothing says ‘summer’ like a refreshing glass of lemonade. I stumbled across this recipe via the BBC Good Food website, which is packed full of fantastic recipes if you’re in a creative mood! If I can do it, you lovely readers can definitely do it.


♥ 1 litre of cold water,
♥ 140g of caster sugar,
♥ 3 unwaxed lemons.


♥ Roughly chop your lemons up,
♥ Place half the water, caster sugar and lemon pieces into a blender,
♥ Whizz it round until the lemon is finely chopped up,
♥ Pour through a sieve, ensuring that you push down on the mix with a spoon,
♥ Add the remaining water,
♥ Enjoy!



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How To Make Your Own Lemonade