The Weekend Edit: Lessons I’ve Learned This Week

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I can be philosophical sometimes, you know? Here are a few things I’ve learned this week. Don’t ever say this blog isn’t educational.


People Pleasing // Stop trying to be the person that you think people want you to be. Start being the person that YOU want to be.

Look After Yourself // Relax. Wind down. Take time to pamper yourself. Being an exhausted, pent-up ball of stress isn’t going to make you good company.

Face Your Fears // Sometimes things might get a little overwhelming, but scary stuff often pays off.

Stick To Your Principles // It might occasionally come at a price, but at least you can stand with your head held high and your integrity intact.

Guess Work // Stop trying to second-guess what other people are thinking. It’s exhausting.

Next Time //  It might not’ve worked out this time. But next time. Don’t lose hope.

Mother’s Intuition //  Mums know EVERYTHING. I’ve no idea how or why, but they just do.

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The Weekend Edit: Lessons I’ve Learned This Week