The Weekend Edit: Getting Crafty

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Brace yourselves: This week I bought a sewing machine! Yes, that kind of makes me sound like an old lady a little before my time, but my reasons will become clearer soon!

Even though the word ‘Craft’ reminds me of that Dan and Phil video, I’ve really enjoyed embracing my creative side a little more this year. For the past few years, the only creative things I’ve done are make the odd bracelet (pictured above) or embrace my love of photography. Unless this blog counts too, because that’s kind of creative, right?

I’ve become a tad obsessed with Etsy lately. Browsing shop after shop: Full of beautiful clothes, jewellery and accessories. It’s left me feeling like I want a piece of that action. I want to be able to make my own clothes one day. Ambitious, I know, but I’m serious about it. (And when I put my mind to something, it takes a lot to stop me gunning for it.)

To ease myself into sewing, because I haven’t use a sewing machine since textiles at school, I’m starting small. The first thing I’ve made is a tissue holder. I know it’s not perfect, it’s not as neat as it could be, but it’s something that I’ve made. (The sense of accomplishment is fighting my perfectionism head on; and winning.)

Another reason why I want to make clothes is because I’m so picky in clothes stores. Honestly, I can never find any piece of clothing that I like fully. If I make clothes myself, I can make exactly what I’m looking for, instead of trawling shop after shop for a dress that’ll have to do.

How do you unleash your creative side? Comment below and tell me!

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The Weekend Edit: Getting Crafty