Ikea Adventure!

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Yesterday, I had a meeting near Nottingham and afterwards, I thought I’d pop down the road to IKEA Nottingham because I haven’t been for AGES.

I really love the place, to be honest. For someone who doesn’t own their own home, and probably won’t for a long time to come, I still get extremely excited about interior design.

The main reason I went was to get some affordable fabric to sew with, as some of their fabric costs as little as Β£3 per metre.

As usual when I go to IKEA, I ended up leaving with a couple of new mugs, a couple of gorgeous scented candles, some artificial flowers, a nice vase, more than 3 metres of fabric and some other little goodies. Oh, and a coffee. Of course. Just because I’m addicted and it worked out at 85p a cup.

Just as an aside, I can’t be the only person that goes to seek out vaguely amusing product names either, right?

Oh, IKEA, how I love you.

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Ikea Adventure!