Etsy Goodies: Eh Up Me Duck!

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As I mentioned the other day, I’ve become a little obsessed with Etsy of late. This is a selection of purchases from Katie Abey Design. (Who is actually a Derbyshire girl too!)

I bought three things: A father’s day card with cute penguins on it, a keyring and a pocket mirror. I had to buy that mirror, with the local Derbyshire ‘slogan’ “Eh/Ay up me duck!” on it. It’s not very often that you stumble across anything with such a local slogan on it!

I love the keyring too, which is a slogan I need to live by a little! I thought if I had ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ permanently attached to my keys, I might remember to stop worrying quite so much.

The delivery was really fast, the products were really quite cheap (my order cost between Β£7 and Β£8), and they’re just really lovely little products to have! I think the next on my list from her shop is the Mug of Motivation. (Because, let’s face it, I need all the encouragement to motivate myself I can get!)

You can find Katie Abey Design’s Etsy shop here.

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Etsy Goodies: Eh Up Me Duck!