5 Tips On Dealing With A Heatwave

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Ahh, the wonderful British summer. One week we’re getting drenched by torrential downpours, the next we’re in the midst of an unbearably muggy heatwave. In a vain bid to help you lovely readers to cope, I’ve compiled a list of some tips to deal with the hot weather:

1.) Don’t Overdo It

It’s lovely to get out and about to enjoy the sunshine, but don’t do anything too¬†strenuous. I’m talking about really exerting yourself here. The last thing you want is to end up keeling over.

Also, make sure you wear plenty of sun cream! You definitely don’t want to do irreparable damage to your skin.

2.) Don’t Cake Makeup On

Do you get the dreaded red-face thing too? I know it’s so tempting to plaster loads of foundation, concealer and powder over it, but your makeup isn’t going to have the same level of staying power as it usually does. So, give your skin some space to breathe. It’ll thank you for it!

3.) Swap Powder for Blotting Papers

I normally use powder daily to get rid of shine, but always carry blotting papers in my bag just in case the shininess strikes later on. It’s better for your skin to get rid of the excess oil and sweat by using blotting papers, instead of caking more powder over the top and blocking your pores up.

4.) Drink, Drink, Drink

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, do I? It’s essential to keep your body properly hydrated during hotter weather, as you’re losing fluids through sweat. (Lovely!)

If you’re out and about, make sure you keep a bottle of water nearby. Even if you’re not that thirsty, make sure you keep on sipping away at regular intervals.

5.) Enjoy It (While It Lasts!)

Yeah, I don’t really need to tell you this either, do I? In Britain, lovely weather like this doesn’t last for long. So, make the most of it while you can! And if you’re not a fan of the heat, you’re safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to endure it much longer!

Did any of that help? Probably not…

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5 Tips On Dealing With A Heatwave