June: In Pictures

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June’s been a bit of a hectic month. I’ve had so many opportunities to give my lovely new lens a try though, which I’ve relished! I’ve spent FAR too much money, and I’ve been working on some new opportunities which I’ll go into detail about as soon as I can!

During June I had the opportunity to go to the preview event at Joe’s Kitchen, a new restaurant in Derby. (Where I got given lots of lovely food, so I really can’t complain!) Above is one of the pictures I took from inside!

I also invested in a sewing machine, so I can eventually learn to make my own clothes. So far I’ve made an array of tissue holders and one hell of a long snood. Let’s hope I get to grips with it a bit more in July!

I also ventured out to Derby’s new Bean Caffe with my old school friends Laura and Laura (pictured above) to try their coffee. We’re so cosmopolitan nowadays, you know? It’s not often I get to see these guys, so it’s always so lovely to have a good catch up and put the world to rights.

And, this guy has been creeping into my blog photography sessions quite a lot recently. I keep on looking through the viewfinder on my camera only to see a little nose creeping into shot… Cheeky pup.

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June: In Pictures