Blogging Holiday!

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I’ve decided to take a week off blogging. I’m incredibly busy this week, and at the weekend, I’m doing the Race for Life 10K (Eeeeeeee!) So, if I add blogging into the equation too, it’s making me a little stressed out. I’ve not exactly kept it a secret that I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, blogging-wise, of late.

Let’s be honest, Katie Writes has been pretty sparse on beauty lately, and I’m shoehorning most of my posts into the ‘lifestyle‘ category whether they fit there easily or not. So, I need to come back with a clear head and some fresh ideas! In the meantime, you can stay in touch via Twitter or Instagram!

I’m also aware that I’ve got masses of comments to approve and reply to! So, sorry if you’ve commented lately and it’s not appeared on my blog, but I’ve just let them pile up recently. I will approve and reply in due course, I promise. It’s on my ever-increasing to-do-list.

Blogging is surprisingly time-consuming, so I feel I’m constantly tethered to computers, and even my phone. It’s not just a case of publishing posts. There’s photos to be taken and edited, vague schedules to be devised, emails to be replied to, social media faffing to do, (lovely) readers to please, and posts to be written, edited and published. It’s like I’m failing to have the selfishly hedonistic summer I’d promised myself because of other commitments. I’m running around trying to please everyone else, and therefore, I’ve started to neglect my own happiness.

I feel like a week away will hopefully do me the world of good! And I hope you appreciate my honesty. It’s definitely a case of: it’s not you, it’s me here.

While I’m away, please don’t hesitate to read through some past posts! See you in a week, lovely readers!

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Blogging Holiday!