Instagram Catch Up!

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Hello there! It’s been FAR too long hasn’t it? I thought a good way to catch up would be to take you through some of my recent Instagram photos. (Totally a lazy blog post. Sorry…!)

Party Time! Firstly, yes that’s a colouring book. An adult colouring-in book. Yep. I’ve just turned 24 and I’m regressing back to childhood. I took this photo as I was ‘celebrating’ my blog hitting a great milestone with a glass of perry, a Bakewell Tart and some stationery. Because I know how to party!

Flowers. My parents very kindly bought me a selection of pretty roses to try and cheer me up after all that trouble with my neighbour. Flowers always brighten everything up, don’t they?

Face for Radio. I’ve been volunteering at a local community radio station called Erewash Sound FM since June now. They’re currently training me up to be a producer, which is very exciting! I took this photo when I was learning the ropes, and being taught stuff like how to top and tail songs, so that the presenters know exactly when to talk over songs without crashing into the singing.

Graham. On most trips to Belper River Gardens I end up meeting this swan. We’ve christened him Graham. (Graham the Swan… Graeme Swann. Get it…?) He hates me with a passion. In this photo, he was trying to work out how to eat my feet or something. He’s always hissing at me. I really don’t think he likes me, although that doesn’t stop me going there and peeing him off.

Tidy Workspace, Tidy Mind. Yeah, my desk is ALWAYS a mess. It doesn’t matter how much I tidy it, it just ends up an absolute tip within a matter of minutes. This was a photo I snapped while I was trying to rectify some issues with my blog layout. Basically, I was procrastinating by endlessly scrolling through Instagram and snapping that photo; instead of trying harder to fix the problem…

I Like Stationery. This is a photo I snapped of my shiny new Moleskine planner, which I got for a ridiculously cheap price from The Works, complete with my iPad to show everyone about my latest YouTube video. Y’know the one with the River Gardens? (You can also see the shiny new YouTube Channel header I made, which I’m much happier with.)

Yet Another Derby Sunset. This is a little photo I snapped in the car on the way out of Derby, after having done some late night shopping. I love the scenery from that stretch of road; with Derby Cathedral, the Council House, and the River Derwent. And that sky!

A Bit of a Shocker. I’ve been offered a place at Uni, starting this September! (Yeah, it was a bit of a shock to me too.) All being well, provided I cough up the cash required and they don’t change their minds, I’ll be off to Nottingham Trent University to study for a Masters in Broadcast Journalism!

Birthday Train Fun Times. The last photo is of my friend and I. That’s Amy on the left, and me on the right. We were on our way to London to celebrate my birthday, but more about that soon! (Amy also writes a blog with her boyfriend, Tony, which you can check out here if you fancy!)

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Instagram Catch Up!