The Weekend Edit: Summer Holiday Goals!

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I’m back off to Uni this September, (did I mention that?!) so I thought I’d give myself a bit of a challenge: I’m going to set myself some goals to complete over the next month or so!

Summer Holiday Goals

Buy my own bodyweight in stationery.

Because a girl can never have too many pretty notepads and pens.

Spend valuable time with friends & family.

I’m going to be totally rushed off my feet soon, aren’t I? So, I’ve realised that I need to spend quality time with family and good friends before I’m a student once again.

Enjoy the summer as much as possible.

I’m awful for just concentrating on worries and not appreciating good weather, (rapidly shortening) long nights, and halcyon days like I should. It changes now.

Embrace my inner bookworm.

There’s a huge pile of books in my room that need reading before I end up waist-high in books solely about news. (FUN!)

Go to the seaside!

It’s been years since I upped and went to the seaside. I was supposed to visit Skegness a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, it was the day when all that trouble kicked off, so we never got to go! (All because we were hiding at home waiting for the police.) Here’s hoping we make it soon!

Continue learning new skills.

Wow, I’m boring, aren’t I? Why sit back and enjoy the summer when you can get stuck in and learn stuff?

Learn more recipes.

I’m such an incompetent adult in a culinary respect. It’d be great to actually learn how to make a few staple dishes & maybe even write about them on here too!

Make more YouTube videos!

I’ve made a few new YouTube videos recently, which I’ve throughly enjoyed. So, before I become a student again, it’d be good to make more! (Incidentally, what would you like me to make? Let me know in the comments below!)

Be a better blogger.

I definitely haven’t been the best of bloggers lately, so I’m going to try and knuckle down and get KW in order. I’ve tried to be as upfront and honest as possible about the reasons why I’ve struggled to publish posts consistently, and voiced my worries about producing quality content that I’m happy with on a regular basis.

It’d also be great to implement some kind of schedule that works both for myself and you lovely readers! (Mainly because I’m acutely aware of how shabby this current ‘only-post-when-you-have-something-to-say’ schedule is.)

What are your goals for the summer?


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The Weekend Edit: Summer Holiday Goals!