The Weekend Edit: Life Lessons of Autumn

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It’s time for me to whine about what life’s taught me lately. Enjoy!

Keep on going.

There are days where you question if you’ve made the right decision, but there are also days where it’s crystal clear that you’re on the right path. Finally.

Doing a Broadcast Journalism Course Equals…

…Not being able to watch TV or listen to the radio like a normal person ever again. My mind’s constantly analysing everything, which isn’t really ideal.

Autumn looks pretty…

…But feels cold and disappointingly dark. No-one enjoys it being dark at 4pm. No-one.


Some people are incapable of being happy for you when your life’s going well; they’re much happier when you’re struggling to keep your head above water. It makes them feel better about their own lives, and their inability to make their own dreams come true. Just carry on with your life and let them implode with their pathetic bitterness.

Sleep is hard to come by.

I’ve always struggled to get enough decent sleep, but there’s something about being at Uni a lot and a three-hour daily commute that makes sleep even more elusive. (Somebody pass the industrial strength concealer…)

Getting over stuff.

It’s taken a surprising amount of time to get over the events of the summer. (Read here, if you’re not sure what I’m referring to.)

I’m still occasionally jumpy and it’s as though the actions of one person have made me feel like home isn’t really home right now. However, it’s all about not letting them win, because they’re totally not worth it.


Blogging and doing a Masters are quite hard to juggle. You may well have noticed that there’ve been very few posts over the past couple of months. Sorry, but my MA must come first because it’s costing a packet.

(A very modest £5,510!)

Quarter-Life Crisis

Since when did loads of my friends get into serious relationships, start buying houses, getting married and having babies? I’m a student that still lives at home with her parents… What happened?

Progressing at Different Rates

We tend to progress through life at different rates. It’s about finding the one that you’re most comfortable with. As I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before, it’s that variety that makes life all the more beautiful.

What’s life taught you recently?

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The Weekend Edit: Life Lessons of Autumn