The Weekend Edit: Mindfulness Colouring

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Mindfulness, Colouring, Adult colouring, Therapy

Therapeutic? Or nonsense?

There’s been a huge surge in the numbers of adults turning to colouring in as a form of relaxation, and recently, I’ve been one of them. Deemed by some as a childish pastime, it’s actually strangely cathartic.

You don’t need any art skills. You don’t need to be good at art, or drawing. The only thing you need is a colouring-in book and some pencils, and the ability to forget about the childish connotations of colouring. 

Colouring In

It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep to the lines properly, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not the neatest at colouring in. The only thing that’s really important is immersing yourself in this easy hobby that’s designed to help you forget about the stresses of life.

Mindfulness Colouring in, Coloring, Therapy, Adult Coloring

I’ve been colouring before bed, to help me to forget about all the stress of uni deadlines and exams, and do you know what? It works. Even if I only spend five minutes at a time doing it, it’s just a welcome break from worrying about what life’s throwing at me.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. You never know, it might work for you too!

Have you tried adult colouring in too? Let me know below! 

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The Weekend Edit: Mindfulness Colouring